A riverside city at dusk from the vantage point from across the river next to a strong steel bridge. Various recreational boats and yachts are docked at the dock, and the beautiful, calm water reflects back the city lights.

Advanced High Strength Steel: An Introduction

Of the thousands of available steel grades, among the most exciting are the line of advanced high strength steels. Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) refers to steel that provides high-strength (up to 2,000 MPa) and durability while maintaining formability.


These particular grades of steel have become synonymous with automotive steel. Today, on average, 65% of the material in cars is steel. Advanced high strength steel, in particular, plays an important role in maintaining structural strength while reducing the overall weight of the vehicle. In fact, some predict that AHSS could account for 30% of vehicle weight in the next 10 years.

“Body in white” type rendering of a car, exposing various unseen elements of automobiles such as side impact door beams, cross members, bumper reinforcements, roof bow, roof rail, crashbox system, etc.

But far from being a one-trick pony, AHSS has caught the attention of many industries looking to push the boundaries of what is possible. From mundane tasks to herculean structures, AHSS has made a mark in the world.

Advanced High Strength Steel: Beyond Automotive

The crucial characteristic of AHSS is its ability to reduce structural weight without sacrificing strength.  For large scale operations, material reduction also means less costs associated with transportation, storage, and painting.

Naturally, one of the foremost uses of AHSS outside of the automotive industry is in construction and infrastructure. From skyscrapers to long-span bridges, AHSS broadens the design options. In short, buildings can be taller, and bridges can be lighter with more architectural innovation and possibilities.

But not all AHSS can be found in grand places. AHSS can be found anywhere where lightweight, impact resistant metal is needed. From trash chutes to storage containers, pipelines to dump trucks, AHSS creates efficiency and longevity. AHSS has also found its way into military installations, especially in armored vehicles. Furthermore, improved engine function has been found using AHSS in aircraft, ships, and trains.

A beautiful aerial view of a military aircraft carrier in a deep blue ocean on a clear, sunny day.

Processing Advanced High Strength Steel


Traditional steel processing facilities have had to upgrade their operations in order to process advanced high strength steel. The mechanical properties of the metal are simply outstripping the capacity of the equipment used to process steel:

The yield strength of the steel sheet has to be exceeded during forming and the shear rupture strength has to be exceeded during cutting. This means that in forming and cutting operations in advanced high strength steel sheets, the forces needed to perform the operation are higher than for softer sheets of the same thickness.”

These large industrial machines are finely tuned, automated assembly lines where steel undergoes several different processes to be processed into the desired form.

At NMM, the state-of-the art Red Bud Slitting Lines give ample capacity for processing advanced high strength steel. Along with NMM’s large network of partners and an exceptional supply chain management program, NMM can supply mass quantities of precisely formed AHSS to any point in Mexico and other locations in North America, right on time.

Whether it is steel for cars, steel for rail, steel for infrastructure, steel for aerospace, or steel for energy, NMC can provide quality AHSS slitting and cut-to-length processing to fulfill your steel service needs.

A photo looking straight up into the skeletal column of a steel tower supporting power lines.

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