Rolls of steel coils stacked using the Lankhosrt Roll-Stop system at a manufacturing plant.Steel manufacturing is a BIG job producing a very large, heavy final product. Many protocols are taken to ensure the safety of the factory workers including the use of the Lankhorst roll-stop system. This system was developed back in 2005 and is one of the most popular coil storage systems in the steel industry.

This system allows coils to be stored up to three levels and includes four components: rail, connector, spacer, and roll-stop; making for easy on-site installation. This interlocking system uses the reinforced rail with notches to position the roll-stops. The distance between these plastic roll-stops can be adjusted to meet varying coil diameters.

Benefits of the Lankhorst roll-stop system

  • Improved safety for factory personnel
  • System is delivered on ‘turn-key basis’
  • Installation is fast, simple, and requires no additional equipment
  • No need to steel profiles
  • Utilizes space with the ability to stack coils three levels high
  • Splinter proof
  • Reliable and long service life (20+ years)
  • No oil-absorption
  • High load-carrying capacity that can hold up to 100 tons
  • No fastening to the floor required
  • An overall efficient and flexible system

Why National Material Mexico has invested in the Lankhorst roll-stop system

Our number one concern during production is guaranteeing our workers a safe and comfortable environment. The sheer mass of steel coils and the potential inertia created by even the smallest of coil movements means that the stacking of coils is a number one priority for safety measures. Before, we would utilize wood blocks, fixed steel chocks and three-point chaining procedures to minimize any risk. With this system, any risks are eliminated which means our employees feel safer and, in turn, will be more productive.

Additionally, by utilizing space more efficiently, we reduce costs in having to build additional warehouse storage space. Volume increases 30 to 70% with this system which can save thousands of dollars in storage facilities. Once stacked, the coils are also easy to move using a crane process that increases productivity during delivery.

National Material Mexico makes safety a number one priority and we are proud to utilize this system. If you believe National Material Mexico is the right choice for your metal needs or you have any additional questions, please visit our contact page.

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