National Material of Mexico is part of the National Material L.P (NMLP) family of companies, and our partnership with Global Tooling Resources (GTR) offers value to our friends and customers in the automotive industry as a worldwide leader in cutting-edge research in formability of ultra-high strength steel and aluminum – as well as automotive stamping die solutions, tool and die technology development, and simulation.

GTR is an engineering and supply chain management service company located in Suzhou city of the Jiangsu province in China. The core mission of GTR is to be a worldwide source of tooling design, simulation, and R&D to provide lightweight solutions to automotive OEMS that are focused on aluminum and ultra-high strength steel. GTR works with companies in over 20 countries (including Mexico) across five continents. They service clients in the automotive, tool and die, medical, pressure vessel, and more.

Global Tooling Resources offers the following services to its clients:


At the beginning stage of every manufacturing product life cycle, there is always a design phase where the concept of a new product is realized through engineering innovation.

  • Formability simulation
  • Spring-back simulation
  • Die process layout & design
  • Blank size optimization
  • Tonnage calculation
  • 3D modeling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Transfer die interference check
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Transfer bar & gripper design
  • Material type optimization

3D map with lines shooting from Global Tooling Resources China to 20 global locations including Mexico



GTR provides a variety of procurement and sourcing services in China for customers around the globe. Such services range from cost estimation to product outsourcing to supply chain management. These procurement and sourcing include but are not limited to the following:


In this stage of the manufacturing product life cycle, GTR’s role is to provide the following services for its clients to save time and stay within program budget:

  • Die simulation validation
  • Technical feasibility review in OEM specifications
  • Material procurement in China
  • Import & export assistances in Asia
  • Soft tool parts
  • 3rd party material testing
  • Tooling buyoff in China
  • Supplier PPAP assistance
  • China tool shop program management
  • Quality inspection
  • Translation services


In the mass production phase of the manufacturing product life cycle, along with many different aspects of a Total Quality System, it is important to have robust preventative maintenance and continuous improvement programs in place.

  • Die sections replacement
  • Die components replacement
  • Engineering change design & implementation
  • CAD data overlay & comparison
  • Die process reduction
  • Blank size reduction
  • Blank nesting optimizations


As a product comes to the end of its life due to model changes or other factors for its obsolescence, the product will reach its last phase of the manufacturing product life cycle where manufacturing of the product to serve the after-sales market and service industry become key.

It’s through our partnerships that National Material of Mexico continues to grow and thrive and offer new services to our customers. CONTACT GLOBAL TOOLING RESOURCES

More About NMM and National Material L.P.

NMM is a subsidiary of National Material, L.P., a leader is steel service and supply chain management that has been in business since 1964. National Material L.P is a group of industrial businesses that have a long history of quality and service, dating all the way back to 1964. The partnership consists of over 30 business units and is one of the largest suppliers of steel in North America, with locations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Their network of 7 plants (including joint ventures) have a combined slitting capacity of 1 million tons and a configured blanking capacity of 300,000 tons. With continued expansions and improvements, the National Material group live up to their legacy as a leading supplier of quality steel.                         


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