: A machine that uncoils and rolls steel down a sloped line to be processed.

National Material of Mexico (NMM) is part of National Material Limited Partnership (NMLP) steel division, which is one of the largest independent steel service centers in North America. NMLP operates 16 steel service centers in North America and processes and ships over 2,000,000 tons of steel annually. NMM’s service centers are located strategically in 7 separate locations to fulfill our Just-in-Time philosophy for direct sales and toll processing. In these service centers, NMM provides the following services.

Steel Slitting

Precision coil steel slitting is a process by which wide coils of steel are fed through a slitter and cut into narrow strips of material. Each of these cut strips is known as a strand and is then recoiled to create a narrower width slit coil.

The breadth in NMM’s range of slitting capabilities puts our customers at ease, as they know that we have the right equipment to quickly process their orders. Our customers appreciate our high level of precision in the slitting process, as it spares them from having to deal with excess material waste in their own manufacturing process.

A beautiful bright aerial view of The Red Bud steel slitter at National Material of Mexico’s Monterrey plant, with thee words, “Unmatched Logistical Advantage” across the top, along with listed capabilities covered in this article.

Cut-to-Length Processing

NMM cuts hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, and electrical steel to length for a wide variety of gauges and lengths. Our cut-to-length processing lines cut a coil of material, which is then flattened into a sheet or plate, depending on the thickness of the material. The sizes of the cuts vary and are customer specific, depending on the application.

Metal cut-to-length lines are used to process metals into specified lengths and pieces for further processing or for resale purposes.

Our cut-to-length lines offer the following benefits:

  • Streamline customers’ material flow
  • Reduce customers’ processing time
  • Improve delivery time
  • Reduce scrap by cutting to your exact measurements
  • Reduce your paperwork and transaction costs


Blanking is the process of creating a flat, geometric shape (or “blank”) through feeding a coil of material into a press and die.

Stacks of steel blanks, punched from a roll of steel.

Blanking can cut materials into most 2D shapes but is most commonly used to cut material into simple geometries that will be shaped in subsequent processes. Oftentimes multiple sheets are blanked in a single operation. Blanked parts typically require secondary finishing to smooth out burrs along the bottom edge.

Our blanking services give our customers the opportunity to save on shipping costs by only sending the net weight and leaving the rest behind. This also saves you time as it cuts down on steel that you end up scrapping during your first operation.

National Material of Mexico (“NMM”) is a subsidiary of National Material L.P., operating 16 steel service centers and processing facilities in North America and shipping over 2,000,000 tons of steel annually. NMM specializes in supplying, servicing, and processing steel with unmatched efficiency and capacity due to the company’s substantial list of capabilities. Proud to be ISO-certified, and uncompromised in its safety standards for their employees, National Material is a leader through efficiency, innovation, and performance.