A beautiful, aerial view of the signature “fire-engine red” Red Bud slitter at National Material of Mexico’s Monterrey plant.

In the metal processing world, every new contract comes as a new and customized challenge. Increased demand for steel coils with finer width and length parameters have ushered in an era of more robust precision slitting – with technological advancements in slitting equipment, software, and tooling practices fueling the wave.

Slitting is a metal manufacturing process wherein a coil of material, such as aluminum or steel, is slit into the lengths and widths specified by the end application. As the material runs through the machine, the steel rolls are moved through extremely sharp circular blades, making the cuts. In order to make the slice, substantial compressive forces must be applied – and when the forces exceed the tensile strength of the material, it slices. The end product is long strips of material cut to the buyer’s specifications.

A steel slitting machine is comprised of three major parts – the uncoiler, the slitter, and the recoiler. To ensure that the quality of the process is optimized, each element must be precisely aligned during setup.

Multiple finished coils of slit steel, packaged, bound, and ready for delivery.

National Material of Mexico processes hot rolled, cold rolled, and galvanized steel for a wide variety of gauges and lengths.

Our slitting lines offer the following benefits:

  • Reduced time-to-delivery
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced costs
  • Streamlined material flow


The Red Bud Steel Slitting Line at National Material of Mexico


In a large, bright, ample warehouse with white floors and white columns, a long, extensive machine painted red and yellow with stairs running up to raised platforms for operating, and all around it can be seen coils of circular metal covered in red and white foil.

Installed in NMM’s Monterrey plant, the Red Bud Slitting line expands an already robust slitting operation. With it, NMM gains the capacity to process Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) in up to ¼? thickness and widths of up to 72?. The “river” that runs through the machine are sheets of silver metal sliding effortlessly through the twists and turns in the Red Bud Slitter. The steel will be uncoiled, cut to custom specifications, and then re-coiled inside the machine.

Beyond the elegance of the Red Bud machine, the slitting process is overall a marvel of mechanical precision and human talent within the steel industry. For successful slitting, operators need to have detailed understanding of how to fracture metal along a plane with minimal force. The less compression force, the cleaner the cut.

Knife alignment, knife sharpness, compression force, penetration depth, the material of the slitter knife, and the property of the metal being cut must all be calibrated. Successful cuts are precise and safeguard the integrity of the material.

There is a great demand for machines such as the Red Bud Slitter. It is a symphony of moving parts that allows the slitting of AHSS. The lightweight, high-strength steel known as AHSS has revolutionized many industries, particularly the automotive sector. As a strong, yet lightweight material, AHSS allows car manufacturers to improve safety without sacrificing the fuel efficiency of their cars. With rising environmental standards, AHSS is an indispensable part of the future of car manufacturing, and a focal point of automotive steel processing.

A large metal coil in the process of being uncoiled or recoiled into or out of a large conveyer belt, part of a slitting machine painted red and yellow and operated by a man in a blue shirt and a blue hardhat pushing buttons on a control panel.

Hand-in-hand with NMM’s just-on-time inventory control and supply chain management expertise, the Red Bud Slitter guarantees high speed AHSS supply to key components of the North American economy. National Material is a steel processor that can do it all: hot rolled, cold rolled, and galvanized steel for a wide variety of gauges and lengths.

A gold, black, and white infographic with the words “The Evolution of Advanced High-Strength Steel” across the top, highlighting the fact that AHSS is strong, lightweight, sustainable, and affordable. At the bottom of the infographic, it reads, “AHSS is available globally, simplifying platform designs and reducing cost of production… contact www.nmm.com.mx for more info.”

National Material is proud to be part of the Mexican steel industry providing quality steel to keystone industries around the world.

About National Material Limited Partnership: National Material of Mexico (“NMM”) is a subsidiary of National Material L.P., operating 16 steel service centers and processing facilities in North America and shipping over 2,000,000 tons of steel annually. NMM specializes in supplying, servicing, and processing steel with unmatched efficiency and capacity due to the company’s substantial list of capabilities. Proud to be minority-owned, ISO-certified, and uncompromised in its safety standards for their employees, National Material is a leader through efficiency, innovation, and performance. Become a customer today! For more information, contact us via our website, email our sales department at nmmsales@nmm.com.mx, or call us at 011-52-81-8319-4828.