A close angle of the cut-to-length line in National Material of Mexico’s brightly lit steel processing center in Monterey, Mexico.



National Material of Mexico (NMM) cuts hot rolled, cold rolled, and galvanized steel to length for a wide variety of gauges and lengths. Our cut-to-length processing lines cut a coil of material, which is then flattened into a sheet or plate, depending on the thickness of the material. The sizes of the cuts vary and are customer specific, depending on the application.


Metal cut-to-length lines are used to process metals into specified lengths and pieces for further processing or for resale purposes.


Our cut-to-length lines offer the following benefits:


  • Streamlining customers’ material flow
  • Reducing customers’ processing time
  • Improving your delivery time
  • Reducing scrap by cutting to your exact measurements
  • Reducing your paperwork and transaction costs
A stack of thin, cut-to-length square-shaped sheets of steel.



Processing large quantities of steel poses serious logistical challenges to metal manufacturing companies. In order to eliminate this unnecessary waste of resources and give the automotive, HVAC, home appliance, and transformer industries unparalleled service, National Material of Mexico decided to innovate its slitting capabilities, enhancing its steel service processes overall.

Enter NMM’s HVS Stamco Slitting Line. With this piece of equipment, National Material is capable of processing all types of carbon, stainless and pre-painted steel, aluminum and grain-oriented electrical steel starting from 0.007” thickness, with cut-to-length and leveling capabilities up to 72” Wide.


Precision coil steel slitting is a process by which wide coils of steel are fed through a slitter and cut into narrow strips of material. Each of these cut strips is known as a strand and is then recoiled to create a narrower width slit coil.


The breadth in NMM’s range of slitting capabilities puts our customers at ease, as they know that we have the right equipment to quickly process their orders. Our customers appreciate our high level of precision in the slitting process, as it spares them from having to deal with excess material waste in their own manufacturing process.




  • Maximum width size 60”
  • Material types carbon steel: HRPD, CR, HDG, GN, EG, MARTENSITIC, PRE-PAINTED ALUMINUM
  • Thickness range 0.009” to 0.187”
  • Master coil width range 12” to 60”
  • Maximum number of mults 30
  • Maximum coil weight 60,000 lbs
  • Maximum OD 72”
  • ID range 20” to 24”


In addition to the HVS Stamco slitting line, NMM is proud to use a Red Bud Slitter AHSS wide slitting line. The Red Bud 72? (1830mm) wide slitting line with in-line leveling has a thickness range of .012” – .250” and is capable of slitting grades up to 250,000 psi (1725 MPa). This machine is mainly utilized in mass reduction engineering designs for parts used in cars and trucks. With this new slitting line in place, NMM, with its network of seven plants (including joint ventures), has a combined slitting capacity of 1 million tons and a configured blanking capacity of 300,000 tons. The new line incorporates Red Bud Industries’ “precision large arbor technology” which was designed specially to meet the higher demands needed to slit these ultra-high tensile materials.


Advanced high strength steel requires a slitter with much more rigid arbors than usual, along with needing minimal shoulder run out. Our Red Bud slitting line also features the fastest set-up and changeover in the industry making NMM your ideal provider when speed and efficiency is required. This Red Bud Slitter processes steel at an incredibly fast rate. Its fast and quick setup is supported by a unique, patented CNC knife changer.


Key features of our Red Bud Slitting line include:


  • “Hands-free” uncoiler to recoiler strip threading
  • Self-nesting/side shifting tooling bars
  • Automated scrap handling choppers/winders
  • Pit crossover/tailout system
  • “Hands-free” recoiler threading
  • “Flex-grip” recoiler gripper
  • Three types of slitting heads:
    • Traditional “packed arbor”
    • CNC “semi-automatic”
    • CNC “fully-automatic”


The steel slitting line at NMM’s plant in Monterrey, Mexico.


NMM is proud to be a part of the Mexican steel industry. NMM is one of the largest steel service centers in Mexico serving automotive, HVAC, home appliance, motor, and transformer manufacturers. At NMM, we specialize in storage and processing of hot rolled, cold rolled, grain oriented and non-oriented electrical steel, galvanized, galvannealed, aluminized, prepainted, and other coated metals. NMM excels in supply-chain management, just-in-time programs, and inventory control.

NMM is the premiere processor in Mexico for a variety of steel products, from uncoated non-exposed to coated exposed carbon steel in slit, sheet, or blank form, in all steel grades available in the market, including all types of AHSS steel grades.

State-of-the-art slitters, cut-to-length lines, blanking lines, and warehousing capabilities, combined with an experienced and well-trained workforce, makes NMM the perfect choice to serve our customer’s needs. Strategic locations throughout Mexico offer a logistical advantage leading to more efficient service with the better use of the customer’s resources.


More about National Material of Mexico

NMM delivers quality products and services to our customers on time. We will continually strive to improve the quality and efficiency of our processes and services in order to provide our customers with competitive advantages and to satisfy their requirements and expectations.


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