Just during 2017 alone, Mexico was able to increase its heavy truck exports by 7.6% with 90% of these heading to the United States. This is likely because many vehicle and heavy truck manufacturers have chosen to settle in Mexico for its large, educated workforce and friendly business environment. Mexico now sits as the eighth-largest producer of trucks in the world and shows no sign of slowing down in its growth.  We will give an overview of the Mexican heavy trucking manufacturing industry, the stats that demonstrate the industry’s growth, and the types of steels used in the manufacturing.

Mexican heavy trucking industry

Mexico has a long history of vehicle manufacturing dating back to the early 20th century and is now the 4th largest exporter of automobiles in the world. They have particularly grown in the heavy truck manufacturing industry, with room to grow.

Stefan Kurschner, president and CEO of Daimler Commercial Vehicles Mexico, elaborates, “the [truck] market is not as big as it should be for the size of the overall domestic market. Renewal of the Mexican truck fleet, which currently has an average age of 17.2 years and more than 150,000 units over 20 years old, along with continued steady GDP growth and a strengthening of oil prices should support a normal annual Class 4 to 8 sales of around 60,000. We’ve seen three years of good growth and see the same to come. No matter what, we will see growth.”

Infographic with cartoon eighteen wheeler and facts about the heavy trucking industry in mexico

Steel used in heavy trucking manufacturing

Trucks use steel for its strength, durability, corrosion resistance,  and bright, polished finish. Typically, the frame rails and cross members are made using high-tensile steel. Things like suspension components, engine mounts, and axles are also made using steel; some being cast and some is fabricated/welded.

The ‘outer skin’ is often also made of steel or aluminum and if steel is used, the metal is coated with one or more layers of corrosion barriers. Many smaller components that are found on the exterior or interior of the car such as outside mirrors, radiator grilles, grab handles, etc. are often made with polished stainless steel for a long-lasting bright finish.

The use of the light-weight metal, Advanced High-Strength Steel, is also now a major trend in the transportation industry. It reduces weight significantly which helps with fuel economy and vehicle cargo capacity, something especially important for heavy trucks. It’s important for heavy trucks to have high tensile strength, high elongation, and the ability to cast thin wall sections, all of which is possible with AHSS.

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