16 11, 2020

Advanced High Strength Steel: Beyond Automotive Steel


Advanced High Strength Steel: An Introduction Of the thousands of available steel grades, among the most exciting are the line of advanced high strength steels. Advanced high strength steel (AHSS) refers to steel that provides high-strength (up to 2,000 MPa) and durability while maintaining formability.   These particular grades of steel have become synonymous [...]

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8 07, 2020

Steel Processing: Industries Served Listicle


Since its inception, the steel industry has relied on pioneering business practices and has tapped into the economy of unmet needs. At the onset of the North American steel industry, this meant vertical business integration and building bridges, railroads, and ships to transport the products of emerging industries. Today, as the steel industry continues [...]

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24 06, 2020

Steel Processor National Material of Mexico: Company Profile


National Material of Mexico delivers value to customers by providing high quality steel processing  just in-time.  Through strategic partnerships empowered by the National Material L.P. brand, National Material of Mexico is your “all in one” shop for steel processing and storage. Focused on supply chain management and the best practices in the global [...]

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