5 03, 2019

Introduction To Press-Hardened Steels


  What are Press-Hardened Steels (PHS)? Press-Hardened Steels are Boron added (.001%-.005%) Carbon /Manganese steels that have been in use since the mid 1980’s for automotive body in white construction. These steels are also known as HF or Hot Formed Steel. Press Hardened Steel or Hot Formed Steels undergo a unique manufacturing process where [...]

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24 01, 2019

Steel Service Center Spotlight: NMM Monterrey


National Material of Mexico is one of the largest steel service manufacturers in Mexico, serving the automotive, HVAC, home appliance, motor and transformer industries. We operate in many areas throughout Mexico, with our recently renovated plant headquarters located in Monterrey. This facility is a one-stop processing powerhouse, capable of processing all types of carbon, [...]

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10 01, 2019

A Brief History of the Mexican Steel Industry


A Brief History of the Mexican Steel Industry The Metal Industry in Mexico currently employs 38% of all industry workers, making it among the most important sources of employment in the country. More specifically, the steel industry generates 120,000 direct jobs and 600,000 indirect jobs.  The industry has had a continuous growth trajectory as [...]

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