A beautiful aerial portrait of approximately 100 National Material employees, dressed in coordinating black shirts bearing NMM’s official logo, standing proudly in front of the US, Mexican, and company flags on poles outside the NMM facility in Monterrey, Mexico on a sunny day.

National Material of Mexico delivers value to customers by providing high quality steel processing  just in-time.  Through strategic partnerships empowered by the National Material L.P. brand, National Material of Mexico is your “all in one” shop for steel processing and storage. Focused on supply chain management and the best practices in the global steel supply chain, National Material of Mexico provides grain oriented and non-oriented electrical steel, galvanized, galvannealed, aluminized, prepainted and other coated metals from inventory to clients.

In addition, NMM is a top processor of Advanced High Strength Steel. With an eye towards expansion, National Material is perpetually focused on innovation. In November 2017, NMM hosted an event to show customers, suppliers, and government leaders the outcome of their latest project that was expected to create 50 jobs.

To meet the demands of customers requiring advanced high-strength steels, we needed to make this investment. We decided to increase slitting capacity and improve our process for unloading and handling shipments to become more efficient and responsive to our customers’ needs. To make room for the slitter, we moved our existing office space to a brand new modern office building. These are very exciting times for our company that will benefit our customers

The Red Bud 72” (1830mm) wide slitting line with in-line leveling has a thickness range of .012” – .250”, is capable of slitting grades up to 250,000 psi (1725 MPa), and is mainly used in mass reduction engineering designs for parts used in cars and trucks. National Material of Mexico, with its network of seven plants (including joint ventures), has a combined slitting capacity of 1 million tons and a configured blanking capacity of 300,000 tons.

In the words of NMM, “Our expansion ceremony was the culmination of many months of hard work by the talented people of the NMLP and NMM teams, it couldn’t have gone better. Our facility in Monterrey is now world- class and we couldn’t be any prouder. With the addition of AHSS to our product line in Mexico, we are now positioned into the future, today.”

A close-up of a slitting line painted fire engine red and canary yellow which includes rollers resembling those seen at the airport to move luggage above which is a metallic structure used to work on the metal as it passes along the rollers.

The secret for NMM’s success is its wide network of facilities;: as the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. With their 7 networked facilities and counting on NMLP’s 16 facilities spread across North America, NMM always has the right resources in the right place to meet any demand at any time.

With NMM, quality is tradition, and the facilities count on IATF 16949:2016 and ISO certifications. Without a doubt, the slitting, blanking, and cut-to-length processing at the NMM facilities are some of the safest and most efficient in the industry.

National Material of Mexico is eager to work for you. The first and only stop for steel processing and inventory control is NMM, a company with all the resources to meet the customer’s needs. Whether the order of the day is efficiency, strength, or quality, you can be sure to receive it just ion-time.

A digitized rendering of a large steel processing facility with a large rectangular, metallic warehouse structure, parking lot covered with many trees, and a large four story rectangular entrance with multi-colored panels on the façade, as well as a list of data about the plant’s capabilities and specs.


About National Material Limited Partnership: NMM is a subsidiary of National Material L.P., operating 16 steel service centers and processing facilities in North America and shipping over 2,000,000 tons of steel annually. NMM specializes in supplying, servicing, and processing steel with unmatched efficiency and capacity due to the company’s substantial list of capabilities. Proud to be ISO-certified, and uncompromised in its safety standards for their employees, National Material is a leader through efficiency, innovation, and performance.

A map of Mexico highlighting the seven plants that comprise National Material of Mexico’s network of steel processing plants and contact information.

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